Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hiking With My Homies

Guess what, folks?  I get to go hiking with my friends every Tuesday.  Lance, the boss man, picks us all up in his van.  Then we drive out towards Mt. Baker.  We all get to play in the van while he's driving.  When we get to where we're going, he lets us out and takes us on a 3 hour hike.  When we're done, he piles us back in the van.  We're usually too tired to play on the way home, so we mostly sleep.

Lance gave me a report card to give to my folks.  Pay attention here, people!  I got an A !!  Not only am I good looking.  I'm also smart!  I'd go so far as to say that I'm of genius quality.  And my humility knows no bounds.

Dad says this gives him a break once a week.  I don't really understand that because he's already retired.  What does he need a break from?  Certainly not from me!!!

Gotta go!  Have a ruff day!


Friday, January 7, 2011

ARRGHGHHHH!!! Mom saw my last blog!!

Now I'm grounded!  Gees, Mom.  I just wanted to know!  I didn't do anything wrong.  What?  What do you mean I'm not getting my allowance for the next 3 months?

You just wait!  I'm going to run away!  What?  Oh.  That's right.  We have a fence.  I'll dig my way out!

This isn't fair!  I don't like you!  What?  It's dinner time.  Oh. OK.  Never mind.  Kiss. Kiss.

(I'm still not happy, though.)



Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I'm having a problem with my mother.  It's something that happens to us teenage dogs.  Every month I get my copy of Dog's Life magazine in the mail.  It's fun to read the articles and look at the pictures, but they're starting to all seem alike.

My cousin, Sam, told me about a different magazine called Stayboy.  Mom flipped out when I asked her if I could get a prescription for it.  What?  Oh.  Ok.  I guess that's a "subscription".  (Dad is helping me write the blog today.)  Anyway, she said that Stayboy is owned by an old hound dog named Pugh Ruffner, from down in Doggywood, Calipornia.  Right off the bat, this seemed etceptionally prejudicial from my unusually openminded mom.  I see no problem with hounds.  Do you???

So I checked into it further.  Stayboy is a gentlemen's magazine that has a few pictures of French Poodles and Pomeranians.  Mostly, though, teenage male dogs like to read it for the educational articles.  What?  Oh.  Ok.  (Dad says to hurry up because mom will be back in a minute!)  I don't know what Mom's problem is with this educational masterpiece, but she adsolutely refuses to buy it for me.  Dad's not much of a help either.  He's says this isn't the sword he's willing to die on.  Whatever.

Cousin Sam says that some dogs have stashes of these magazines hidden in their doghouses.  If you know anyone who's interested in getting rid of a few of those, please have them contact me here on my blog.  I have some kibbles saved up from my allowance.  I'm willing to part with a few of them just to find out what the big deal is about Stayboy.

Oh!  Hi, Mom!!!  Kiss.  Kiss.

(Gotta go.  Have a ruff day.)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Rileys

Have you ever met the perfect family? The coolest parents. The cutest kids. The nicest people. Well ....... I happen to be related to them! They're the Rileys: Tony, Paula, Corbin, Evan and Ella.

The Rileys even have a great place to live. There are cougars and dogs and cats and monkeys (ahem!) in Goldendale, where they live. (Mom says the monkey reference has something to do with Aunt Debbie.) They have a friendly dog named Nora, who I'm sure would be completely overwhelmed by my exceptional good looks and humility. Then there's a cat named Olive. Mom says Olive could take me in a fight, but I can't imagine that. And last, but not least, there's Corbin's cat, Trigger. Trigger looks just like my cats, but I'm sure he's much friendlier. (There couldn't be more unfriendly, vicious cats than Scrub and Buzz. They won't even play with me!)

Mom says that maybe Corbin and Evan and Ella can come to visit us sometime. They could even bring their parents!! Then they could all go on a ferry ride, but I wouldn't be able to go. That's because on the other end of the ferry ride, there's all kinds of shopping. I'm not much of a shopper. The ferry ride would be the bomb, though. Water is super fun!!!

I can't wait to meet the Rileys. I'm sure they'll love me.
Gotta go! Have a ruff day!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Aunt Barb

Aunt Barb won a contest, so her prize is having me blog about her. That's a seriously great prize, as I'm an uber blogger extraordinaire!!

Aunt Barb loves dogs. She even kissed my cousin, Sam. (See picture.) Barb lives in Tustin, CA so I don't get to see her very often. That makes me super sad because I don't get to play with my cousins, Scooter and Stinkerbell. What? Oh. Ok. Mom says that's Tinkerbell. What does she know!

Aunt Barb used to have a weiner dog. His name was Tousant. He was named after a specially good football player named Tousant Tyler. What? Oh. OK. Mom keeps interrupting me. I wish she'd leave me alone while I do my blogging. Anyway, apparently she thinks she's pretty cool because she remembers Tousant Tyler. (Old people get forgetful, you know.) Yeah, after 53 years, this is her claim to fame. Woo Hoo! What? Oh. OK. I'm going to be lucky to get fed today.

I better go so I can make kissy face with Mom. I do want my supper tonight. I love you, Aunt Barb!! Kiss, kiss.

Gotta go!

Have a ruff day!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Lucky in Love!!!

Look at the email I got the other day. What a stud I am!!!

"Hi, Handsome!

My name is Lucky and I have heard a lot about you. I hear that you are really handsome, but are lonely for a girlfriend. (Even though you don't know what to do with one. Whatever that means!) I am going to be a year old next month. I love to play in the snow, but it's kind of boring when my people won't roll in the snow with me. It feels so good. So, I want to have you come here to play with me. We have about a foot of snow and it's nice and cold. And I have a beautiful shiny coat. It's the nicest fur coat you will ever see!

Well, I'm almost dry now after my walk with Aunt Barb, so now I can get out of my jail and run around the house. Aunt Barb is the only one home. Aunt Cindy, Mom and Dad went to a casino to lose some money. Oops, I meant they went gambling! So now I'm going to watch a christmas movie that Aunt Barb got yesterday. Something about Jingle way, and it has some guy named the Governator. Or something like that.

Come see me Buddy! I like you!

Love, Lucky"

Woo Hoo!!! She's a hottie, too, isn't she?!?!

Have a ruff day,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hi, Everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted. There was this really cool thing called "Christmas" that just happened. I got oodles of good things in my stocking - plus Aunt Barb and Aunt Cindy sent me a whole bunch of presents.

My favorite present was a stuffed Santa Claus. So far, I've chewed off his nose and his left foot. His insides were pretty dry, though, so Mom pulled them out of my mouth and threw them away. What fun is that?

There was a TREE on top of our kitchen table!!! Can you believe that?!? Who puts a tree in the house. Dad says that they have an even bigger tree that usually goes in the living room, but Mom and Dad were afraid I'd try to eat it. (Guess they know me, huh?)

It's my understanding that my aunts are trying to fix me up with a gorgeous frau named "Lucky". Can't wait to meet her - although I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do when I DO meet her. (See the previous "That's Not Funny" post.)

Well, I'd better go!

Have a ruff day!